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Black Shadow Dueling

Hey ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Black Shadow Dueling. It's just a fun and friendly dueling network team that will host some tournaments and events for fun. We are here to have fun be treated as equals and help each other out. =)

black, shadow, dueling, ladies, gentlemen, welcome, black, shadow, dueling, it's, just, friendly, network, team, that, will, host, some, tournaments, events, here, have, treated

imma certified OTAKU

a forum for gamers, cosplayers, anime enthusiasts, toy collectors, con-goers, and most of all certified OTAKUS

imma, certified, otaku, forum, gamers, cosplayers, anime, enthusiasts, collectors, con-goers, most, otakus


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Society! Cagayan de Oro City

yu-gi-oh, cagayan, duelists, society, cagayan_de_oro, yds_cdo, ydscdo

Trap Shelter Forums

A place for fun and games, and everything trap related!!

trap, shelter, forums, place, games, everything, related!!

Alesana Forum: The Online Alesana Forum Community

The Online Forum Community for Alesana Fans, Talk anything about Alesana

alesana, anime, world, manga, disscussion, music, manga, social, network

Jin Framework Solutions

Discussion forum for employee's

framework, solutions, discussion, forum, employee's

Anime Lovers!

A forum dedicated to anime fans!

anime, lovers!, forum, dedicated, fans!

AMK Community

The current and official forum for AMK, an anime/manga association based in Davao City.

community, current, official, forum, anime/manga, association, based, davao, city

We Are Ugly

Our vision is for fun.

ugly, vision

Free forum : Disgaea Forever

Free forum : This is a forum for all fans of Disgaea to join! Whether you love the games, manga, or anime, you're welcome here to show it!

free, forum, disgaea, forever, this, fans, disgaea, join!, whether, love, games, manga, anime, you're, welcome, here, show, forum

.:: RampageMU Season 6 Episode I ::.

.:: RampageMU Season 6 Episode I ::.

rampagemu, season, episode

Free forum : Twilight Duel Academy

Free forum : One day, every duelist must chose light or darkness... An academy dedicated to exploit a duelists skill when it comes to strengths and weaknesses, have fun.

free, forum, twilight, duel, academy, yugioh, duelist, must, chose, darkness, dedicated, exploit, duelists, skill, when, comes, strengths, weaknesses

The VigiLanTs

Unknown Users

vigilants, unknown, users



cagayan, louhan, society, central, louhan, society, aquatics

Cavite Cosplayers Guild

Cavite Cosplayers Guild Forum

cosplay, cavite, cosplayers, guild, anime, manga, otaku, forum, caviteƱo, naruto, bleach, cevite, piece

Dark Chaos Academy

Chaos Surrounds Us.

yugioh, yu-gi-oh, duel, dueling, academy, yu-gi-oh!, trading, card, game, games

^Air|TrAckz^ Unofficial Server Official Site

This Is The Official Site Of The Server. ^Air|TrAckz^ Unofficial Server Official Forum

server, homer, homerliew's, unofficial, forum

AimWars Forum

A forum dedicated for a WC3 custom map "AimWars"

aimwars, forum, dedicated, custom, "aimwars"


anything that comes up your mind.. WRITE it. We are here to discuss it with YOU

otaku, anonymous, anime, manga, forum, your, mind, write, here, discuss, with


Perfect World International

indaclub, perfect, world, international

My|Phone A818 Duo (Pogi)

My|Phone A818 Duo Users

my|phone, a818, (pogi), myphone, a818, users

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