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Nihon Kenkyuu Kai

Nihon Kenkyuu Kai or the Japan Studies Society is a professional organization for Japanese Studies Majors of De La Salle University. It also serves as a special interest organization for non-ISJ major

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Future Technology

University of Southeastern Philippines Institute of Computing Future Technology Students under Sir Mark Buladaco

future, technology, #university, southeastern, students, under sir, mark, buladaco

Tropang Jru Official Website

The Official Forum Site of the Tropang Jru

students, #university, forum, official, site, tropang, jose, rizal

Bulacan State University-LHS

Mainly about LHSians, but also about your individual interests.

bulacan, state, university-lhs, mainly, about, lhsians, also, your, individual, interests

Forum : Writers' Guild

Forum : An ambiance that serves as a free moving virtual collaboration on writing among the members of the Writers' Guild, under the Council of Student Organizations, De La Salle University - Man

free, forum, writers', guild, ambiance, that, serves, moving, virtual, collaboration, writing, among, members, under, council, student, organ

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